If you're looking to buy or sell CNG engines, trucks or buses, you've come to the right place.

We buy and sell new or refurbished CNG engines, components, trucks and buses. Get more value out of your used CNG parts and vehicles by selling them to us. We help local fleets benefit from lowers costs on a wide selection of CNG parts and vehicles, and assist them in finding exactly what they need through our network.

Looking to Service your CNG Truck or Bus Fleet?

We are fully equipped and highly experienced in servicing and repairing CNG engines and commercial vehicles. We offer custom maintenance plans to ensure your fleet is always rolling safely and efficiently.

Looking to Service your Diesel Truck or Bus Fleet?

We can overhaul your diesel trucks or buses to convert to bi-fuel engine systems.

Why the Port of Los Angeles is moving towards CNG Engines

The “megaports” of Los Angeles and Long Beach handle some of the highest volumes of business and merchandise in California, thus supporting a great number of industries around the world. This requires a large amount of various fleet operations supporting the transportation, shipping and logistics industry year-round. The state of California recognizes how commercial transportation impacts the economy and the environment, and is one of the increasing number of states offering tax rebates to commercial vehicle companies switching to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) engines. This alternative fuel reduces harmful emissions and provides great performance for large freight vehicles.

Local trucking companies in Harbor City, Long Beach, Wilmington, San Pedro and other cities surrounding the ports are increasingly upgrading their fleet engines to cleaner, more cost-effective CNG engines. A CNG engine can sometimes save up to 50% on fuel cost while also being easier to maintain. With gas prices rising since 2014, we’ve been seeing more natural gas rigs and trucks rolling in Los Angeles. Buses are following the trend, with the entire Los Angeles Metro bus fleet being 100% CNG powered since 2017.

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